Between Malachi and Matthew

A brief history of the Intertestamentary Period.

Bibilical Parallels to The Silmarillion

A section by section look at the Biblical and traditional Christian sources that helped inspire J. R. R. Tolkien's masterwork on the first three Ages of Middle-Earth.

Crusades 101

A brief, clear, general introduction to a time that shaped our own.

The Last Days of the Kingdom of Judah I. Josiah: Judah's Last Godly King

A history of Judah's last godly king

The Last Days of the Kingdom of Judah II. The Sons of Josiah

A history of Josiah's successors on the throne of David

A Tale of Two Valleys

An archaeologically correct Sumerian origin myth.


Creation in the Psalms

What the Psalms teach us of God as Creator and our duties to Him as His creatures.

Happiness in the Psalms

Practical Christian lessons on happiness from the "blessed" verses in the Psalms.

Heaven 101

What key scriptures say about heaven and believers' everlasting life there.

"I Am"

A lesson of Jesus' I Am's from the Gospel of John.

The Messiah's Mystery Tour

A Bible study lesson on all of the New Testament's "mystery" verses.

Seven Sayings of the Cross

The mystery of the Crucifixion viewed through Christ's own words during His Passion.


An Alliterative Haggadah

Israel's history from Abraham to Solomon.

David in Exile

David's meditations as he is fleeing from King Saul.

Haiku Proverbs

A meditation in haikus on the Book of Proverbs

Light of the Light

A meditation in verse on Biblical teachings on light.

Meaning in the Psalms

The major themes of the first three Psalms retold in modern verse.

Nightfall over Nineveh

A meditation on verse on the Book of Nahum.

Shadows of Revelation

A dramatic retelling in verse of the Book of Revelation for today's readers.

A Song of Angels

A brief history of angels in the Bible.

Supper of the Birds

A picture of Divine judgment on worldliness.

Temple of the Heart

A lyric/epic on the Scriptural account of the house that Solomon built for God


A Christian epic on the Trinity, Creation, and the Church.

A Wall at Rabbah

The song of Uriah the Hittite, soldier of David and husband of Bathsheba.


Asenath's Tale

A young teenage girl's adventure in Ancient Egypt.

Kabbalah for Evangelical Christians

A brief, clear, factual resource to help Evangelical Christians understand the Jewish mystical movement of Kabbalah.

The Light

A prose poem on holy light in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. The Light tells the story of Divine Light as revealed by Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

A Song of the One

An age-old story retold in verse for a new millennium. A Song of the One is an epic poem that tells the central narrative of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

The Stars Bow Down: An Epic of Joseph

An epic of the exile who rose to rule an empire to save God's children.

Trinity, Canon, and Constantine: Clear Light on the Early Church

A book on what really matters in early church history. If you're confused or overwhelmed with debates on the early Church, Trinity, Canon, and Constantine: Clear Light on the Early Church will give you some clear, basic facts.

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